STEP 1 – Option 1: Get Bitcoins with BX.IN.TH

A)   Enter your name, your last name and your email address

B)   Create your username (make sure to use only English and numbers (no Thai, special characters or spaces)

C)   Tick box ‘I’m not a robot’

D)   Tick box ‘I agree to the terms of service’

E)   Click ‘Register’ button

F)   Sign In (by using the username you created and go to your email to get password that just sent)

G)   Click ‘Sign In’ button

H)   Create and order from THB to Bitcoin by putting the amount of THB you would like to spend and the system will show the price per BTC (Bitcoin) at that moment and also telling you how many BTC you would receive from the amount you spend)

I)   Click ‘Create Order’

J)   Click ‘Yes Confirm Order’ again at the green button

K)   Click ‘My Funds’ tap (on the top left)

L)   Click ‘Deposit’

M)   Click ‘Verify Account’

N)   Enter your personal information

O)   Upload picture of your ID Card or Passport

P)   Upload picture of you holding ID Card or Passport and a paper with ‘’ written on it and signed by yourself

Q)   After your account have been verified you can then choose how you would like to pay
R)   Then click ‘Create Deposit’

S) will provide their bank details
T)   Make a payment with the option you choose, in this case we choose bank transfer.

U)   Upload your Bank Deposit Receipt that you’ve just made

V)   You will then click buy BTC (Bitcoins) from the THB you have in the system.

W)   Check your BTC Balance in tap ‘My funds’ then click ‘Balance’

Step 1 – Option 2: Get Bitcoins with COINS.CO.TH

A)   Enter your email address and create your password

B)   Tick ‘I’m not a robot’ box

C)   Click ‘GET STARTED’

D)   Enter your email address and create your password again


F)   Enter the verification code that sent to your email

G)   Click ‘VERIFY’

H)   Choose your country to find Country Code, add your phone number then click ‘Next’

I)   If you see any error, please click ‘SKIP’ for now

J)   Click menu ‘Cash In’ and Choose how would you pay in (in this case we choose Online Bank Transfer)

K)   Choose Bank

L)   Click ‘Verification Require’

M)   Identity Verification to make sure that each Coins user may only have one account. Click ‘This is my first Coins Account

N)   Click ‘Continue’

O)   Enter your information

P)   Click ‘Next’

Q)   Enter your source of Funds then Click ‘Next’

R)   Enter your current address then Click ‘Next’

S)   Upload your passport or ID Card > Add expiry date and Passport or ID Number then Click ‘Next’

T)   Make sure all the information is correct by tick all the boxes and click ‘Submit’

U)   Tick ’Submit Selfie Verification’ box then Click ‘Continue to Selfie Verification’

V)   Take a photo of yourself holding up your ID Card or Passport and then Click ‘Upload’

W)   Now your information is secure, Click back to ‘Limits & Verifications’

X)   Click the rest of the grey sections that need to be Verified. In this case we have Address Verification and Business Verification to be continued then the process is done. You have to wait 1-2 business days for your account to be verified then you can start buying Bitcoins.

Step 2 – Move your BTC from BX.IN.TH to BLOCKCHAIN.INFO

A)  Go to BLOCKCHAIN.INFO and Sign-in. Then click ‘Start Receiving Bitcoins’

B)  Copy the Address (this address is act just like normal bank address, but it generated for only this transaction)

C)  Go to BX.IN.TH and login to your account then go to ‘My Funds’ then click ‘Withdraw’ (orange tab)

D)  Click ‘Bitcoin’ button

E)  Add amount of BTC you would like to transfer or click ‘(All)’ to transfer all BTC you have here

F)  Paste the Address you copied from BLOCKCHAIN.INFO in the Withdrawal Address

G)  Click ‘Withdraw’ (green button) then BX.IN.TH will email you the confirmation link.

H) Go to your email inbox, open an email from BX.IN.TH and click the ‘Confirmation Link’

I)  You will see the status as ‘Processing’ (will take awhile (5-10 minutes) to process). Once the status changed to be confirmed, it means the BTC is successfully transferred to your BLOCKCHAIN Wallet.